Fact File - Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a hardy Insect and a survivor. In New Zealand we find a number of cockroaches, usually two species in particular (1) the native cockroach, often referred to as the NZ Native Roach, and (2) the disease carrying variety namely Blattella Germanica. Cockroaches are nocturnal and omnivore feeders. They can transmit diseases and bacteria pathogens such as salmonella. They can cause skin irritations and allergens and breathing difficulties. The cockroach has a life cycle (egg, nymph, adult). The female can lay 5 to 30 egg sacs containing 12 to 40 eggs. You should avoid killing cockroaches by squashing them. When you squash female cockroaches they may drop their eggs, and the problem becomes worse. Cockroaches can start producing from six weeks of age, and they can live up to two years. The math is startling if control is not put in place.

How we treat cockroaches

Your technician will assess cockroach activity to identify areas needing treatment. This may involve application of a pesticide barrier around the outside of the building. A barrier treatment is then applied inside the building, along crawl areas such as skirting boards. Electrical appliances also may be treated with an insecticide powder, while cockroach gel bait may be placed inside areas such as kitchen cupboards or pantries. Monitor traps may also be installed. The treatment works on residual contact. The insect has to absorb the product by crawling over the product. The product then kills the insect by affecting the nervous system. Powder treatment works the same way, while gel bait is treated as a food source and ingested by the insect. While you can visually check traps that have been put inside your property, you should not touch them. If there is no bait left, please contact your property owner/manager or call our office as you will need further treatment. If there are still live cockroaches in the traps after four weeks from your treatment date, then please contact our office or your property manager/owner. We offer also offer chemical and chemical free cockroach treatments for commercial premises. Please talk to our office today for more information.